Monday, July 8, 2013

Add Follow Me On Twitter To blogger

If you have a Twitter account and you want to increase the number 

of followers then you should definitely weaponize your blog with the official 

Twitter “Follow me on Twitter” button which will allow your visitors to follow 

you directly from your website/blog. The process of adding this button to your 

Blogger blog is very simple.All bloggers say that the Social Media plays a 

huge role in the promotion of your blog and expanding your number of 

visitors. Sto do that you have to create an audience by calling them to 

follow you in a particular Social Media site.

Latter I posted how to add like button for facebook pages on blogs, Today I 

will explain how Add follow Me on twitter button on blogger.

Twitter and other social networks like facebook offers many good services and 

beautiful widgets to sites/blogs. To keep you updated about their updates.
Insert follow on twitter button on blogger

Just follow these steps to add follow button to your blog :-

1go to Twitter Buttons
2-Fill in your right data!!
3-Copy the code on the right
4-Log in your blogger account 
5-Then template then search for this <data:post.body/> (copy it and 

click CTRL+F to search for it).

6-Past the copied code before or after it and preview your blog.

-If you want to add it on sidebar follow the steps 1, 2,3 and 4 plus the following

5-Then choose layout>>add gadget>>HTML/JAVA SCRIPT 

6-Past the code you get from step 3

save the pasted copy and preview your blog.


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