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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Best Android shooting games

Shooting games (also known as shooters or shooter games) are among the 

most popular games on every platform. No matter where you go, you can find 

an awesome shooter to pick up and go mow down some bad guys. Android is 

no different. Here are the best Android shooting games available right now!

Best Android shooting games

Call of Duty: Strike Team

[Price: $6.99 with in app purchases]

It just wouldn’t be a best shooting games list without a Call of Duty entry 

somewhere. Strike Team came out earlier this year to mixed initial reviews but 

has since found its stride with gamers. It has your standard first-person action 

and then there are parts where it zooms out and you play third-person for a 

little while. It’s $6.99 which is roughly the going rate for a FPS on Android. It 

has good graphics, a decent amount of content, and people seem to really like 

the mobile Call of Duty.

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Dead Trigger 1 and 2 are iconic first person shooters that are all about mowing 

down the zombies. The franchise is incredibly popular and millions of people 

have played these titles. Dead Trigger 2 was released to positive reviews and it 

features some of the best graphics on the mobile platform. The thing is that 

Dead Trigger 1 is still pretty fantastic on the grand scheme of things so we 

decided to include them both. You really can’t go wrong wither way and they’re 

both free to play!

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Deer Hunter has always been a pretty popular game and the Android version is 

no different. In this title you assume the first person perspective and shoot a 

bunch of animals. The graphics are above average for a mobile game and it 

features a lot of scenarios, weapons, and animals to shoot. Some may not like 

the prospect of shooting animals but it is just a video game. It’s free to play so 

it own’t cost you anything to try it out.

[Price: $2.78 with in app purchases]

Epoch is what is called a cover shooter (you often shoot from behind cover) and 

it’s also the first game on this list with a real story line. The graphics and story 

are both pretty good and there is enough jumping and shooting to keep you 

busy for a while. It’s also one of the few that have taken full advantage of the 

touch screen because you must swipe and tap your way pretty much 

everywhere and it’s not the same old joystick mechanics. It’s $2.78 which is 

actually cheaper than many of these games.

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Fields of Battle has all of the hallmark features of a shooter. It has decent 

graphics, first person shooting, online multiplayer, and a bunch of other 

features. However, instead of shooting bullets at bad guys, you’re shooting 

paint balls. It also features some top notch customization and a lot of content 

for players to enjoy. It’s a great game and it’s also good for people who don’t 

want the blood and gore of a traditional shooter while still having all of the 

elements that make a shooter fun.

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Gun Zombie: Hellgate may be the longest and largest shooter on the list. It 

features over 60 boss fights, 500 missions, and three game play modes. That 

includes endless mode where you just shoot down zombies and Boss Rush 

mode which is exactly what it sounds like. The graphics are everything you 

could want in a zombie game and it’s free to play (with in app purchases). 

What is it about killing zombies that is so much fun?

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Into the Dead mixes two very popular genres in the first person shooter and 

the infinite runner (like Temple Run). You play as a character who survived the 

zombie apocalypse and now must run for his/her life. You can pick up weapons 

like guns and chainsaws, mow down zombies, and it all happens in the first 

person perspective. However, you are also running forward forever and you 

must mow down the zombies in front of you. Otherwise you lose the game. It’s 

a fun premise even if it’s not a pure shooter and it is free to play.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to receive emails in Gmail primary inbox – Handling Gmail tabs

Have you subscribed to any email newsletters and not at all receiving any oneof 

it in your inbox. That may be because those email newsletters delivered to your 

Gmail promotional tab which in most cases we do not open it. Is your business 

hugely depends on email marketing if so then are you gathering data on your 

email campaigns, if yes then how is the stats? Do you feel that the email click 

through rate or open rate is low, even that may be because your email lands 

straight to your recipients promotional tab and not on primary tab?

You know that in Gmail you can see three tabs at the top such as primary, 

social and promotional. I personally love that feature of mails getting 

organized. Also I can see that 50% of email lands in my promotional tab, 30% 

email lands in social tab and only 20% of email drops on primary tab which is 

personal and highly relevant. Why is that? In the middle of 2013 Google 

updated Gmail with this new interface adding three different tabs (primary, 

social, promotional) which are used for categorizing incoming emails. This 

feature is designed to make user inbox clear and organized. It will be helpful 

for them to see the most priority emails first. Also this email classification will 

be very useful for users to spotlight and read important messages on same 

category all at the same time.

Here is how your mails are categorized into following tabs

Primary – Messages that are highly relevant and personal will land in this folder 

such as mails from friends, family and whatever that doesn’t suits on other tabs.

Social – You know that most of your social networking site notifications and 

messages will land on social tab. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Gaming sites, 

dating sites etc.

Promotional – It is the place for junk emails. All deals, offers, marketing emails 

and any promotional emails can be seen here.

Other than this there are two other tabs such as updates and forums which you 

can enable it if you want. To enable these two tabs click on the + sign next to 

promotional tab and then select the tabs to enable.

Updates – This is where you will receive auto generated messages, confirm 

messages, update notification, statements and bills.

Forums – All your online discussion board, mailing lists, and messages from 

online communities will appear in this tab.

How to receive emails in Gmail primary inbox – Handling Gmail tabs

Whenever you receive a new mail you will see an indicator on each tab telling 

how many new messages you have received since you last checked. Mostly you 

can see lots of new messages in promotional tab. All those email are 

automatically sorted to such tabs by Gmail which you can handle it according to 

your own preference. If you find any of your private, personal or most 

important conversation landing on any other tabs instead of primary tab then 

you can move it permanently.

Left click on the email, hold it, drag the email to primary tab or just right click 

on any email, click move to tab and select the tab where you wish to move the 

email. When done you will see a small notification at the top telling “The 

conversation has been moved to “primary” Do this for feature messages from 

“this sender “. Click on yes to permanently receive all messages from that 

sender on your primary tab. Now all the upcoming emails from that particular 

sender will land on your Gmail primary tab and not on promotions tab.

Tip for small businesses

Most of the online business (b2b, b2c) engages in email marketing to stay 
connected with their clients and consumers. Not all people will view their 
promotions tab so to reach your audience you have to make sure that your 
email lands on your recipient primary inbox. Also you have to frequently monitor 
your email analytics like number of open rates, click through rates etc. From 
my point of experience I found that Google places email to promotional tab that 
are automated (not human sent) like RSS. Here are few tips to land all your 
emails in Gmail primary tab
  • Mention your recipient name in email
  • Be sure to add subject in emails
  • Keep the message short and clear
  • Avoid using more images in the email body
  • Try not to add more links in the email; if you do so then it is a sign of promotion.
  • Lastly make sure to educate your audience about receiving em
  • ails in primary inbox.
Hope this article helped you to manage Gmail tabs effectively, receiving email 

in Gmail primary inbox and few tips to land your emails in recipient’s primary 
inbox. If you like this article then please share it on social sites and to receive 
more useful updates we suggest you to subscribe our RSS feeds.

E- Touch Pen: Make It Possible To Convert Non-touch Screen to Touch Screen

Hello there, have you installed Windows-8 in your laptop or PC but still miss 

some cool features and apps of Win-8 just because you don't have touch screen 

in your laptop or PC. Though you can use win-8 without touchscreen with 

touchpad or trackpad in laptop and mouse in PC but it may be very frustrating 

after some time when you feel that you are not enjoying the real Win-8. Win-8 

without touch screen interface is just like a bread without butter. If you are a 

user of this type then here is solution of your problem.

Now you can enjoy Win-8 without replacing your old monitor to new touch 


How to convert old monitors into touch screen

Now it is possible to convert non-touch screen laptop screen to touch screen 

with the help of a device called E-touch pen which work as a digitizer.

Jeswill Hi-tech Solutions Pvt.Ltd has introduced a Hardware kit to convert non-

touch screen into touch. The E-touch pen is based on ultrasound and Infrared 


Now it is possible to convert non-touch screen laptop screen to touch screen 

with the help of a device 

called E-touch pen which work as a digitizer.

Jeswill Hi-tech Solutions Pvt.Ltd has introduced a Hardware kit to convert non-

touch screen into touch. The E-touch pen is based on ultrasound and Infrared 


Technical specifications of E-Touch Pen

-Based on ultrasonic and infrared technology

-Cover upto 17 inch screen size (Maximum)

-100 DPI resolution

-0.2 mm accuracy

-Communicates via USB 2.0

-Powered by 2 SR41 batteries

-Capable of continuous writing for 500 hours

-Follows FCC/CE standards

-Sampling rate is 58 samples per second

-Requires Windows-8 platform

Component involved in E-touch pen kit 

-Cordless electronic pen

-Base unit sensor with USB connection


How to use E-touch pen 

It is very easy to use E-touch pen. It has a small infrared sensor which you 

clamp to the side of your screen. You have to attach the sensor to the screen 

using a USB cable, and follow a simple install procedure.

Once the installation process done, the pen is ready for use directly on the 

screen. The pen has a scratch free nib and small emitter built in above the nib 

which track the movements on the screen. The current version of E-touch pen 

only supports monitors up to 17 inches.

To learn more about the product in the company official website 


You can buy it from http://www.ediaryworld.com/ 

So friends enjoy win-8 with your old computer with this device.

Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Send ZIP, PDF, APK , EXE , RAR Files Via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very popular app now these days for chatting. With this you can 

share limited things like audio, video, contacts and images. But you can’t 

share other important things like documents, exe files, pdf, zip files, etc. 

Well with some small changes and tricks you can get this feature in your 

whatsapp, you can easily share ZIP, PDF, DOC, RAR, APK, EXE, PPT , XLS, 

etc. with friends on WhatsApp .

Trick to Share ZIP, PDF, APK, EXE and Other With WhatsApp:

1-First of all Install Dropbox and CloudSend App in your smartphone.

2-ow open CloudSend app in your smartdevice. It will show you small tour 

of app. All you have to swipe from right to left on your device’s screen. It will 

ask you to authorize this app by the end. All you have to click Allow.

3-Now it will create “CloudSend” folder in your Dropbox Account. You will be 

able to control it completely. Now you can close the app after completing the 


4-In order to send any type of file, press and hold the file through file 

manager and choose Share button. After that choose CloudSend option from 


5-Hold on while the selected file is being uploaded on CloudSend folder 

created on Dropbox. The duration of file transfer vary according to the 

connection speed and size of file. The best part of CloudSend is that it 

doesn’t have any restrictions regarding file size.

6-Now you will get a share link.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

7 Tips to Cut Security Risks for Your Windows XP System

Microsoft had warned that is would stop offering security patches and 

technical support for its Windows XP version of OS from April 8, 2014. The D-

day has passed and all XP users, still in large numbers, are now at the mercy 

of hackers and virus/malware spreading entities. However, on the brighter 

side Microsoft has done a couple of good things before pulling down the 


Offered one last security fix/patch on the same day.

It has promised to keep all security fixes and technical content readily 

available on its servers for existing users who may need them in the coming 


This simply means Windows XP can still be installed and activated post April 

8th, 2014.

It is not just the end user who will face the wrath of cyber criminals and 

insane geeks. Companies who guarantee protection from cyber miscreants for 

its XP based programs and services will face a lot of flak and maybe 

litigations as they will not be able to fulfil this vital clause. Yet another 

major effect of this pullout will be the lack of supporting drivers for existing 

and forthcoming devices. In simple words, newer products will not work with 

Windows XP. In such a scenario the only option is to migrate to Windows 7 or 

8 which typically offers better security features, wider device compatibility 

and enhanced productivity through its intuitive GUI and applications.

Does it mean you cannot use Windows XP at all? No, there is no reason to 

panic as of now. Follow the below mentioned tips to cut down security risks 

and continue to enjoy your favourite OS.

1. Install latest security patches and backup for future

Make sure you apply all of the latest patches in order to make your operating 

system as secure as possible. Secondly, if you do not intend to divorce 

Windows XP for whatever reason it is better that that you create a custom XP 

disc with SP3 and other updates readily available. The reason; Microsoft will 

pull back all the support including downloadable security patches and drivers 

one day. If that happens, your OS will turn into a playground for cyber 


2. Choose your software wisely, especially browser

Majority of the viruses and malware find their way through internet and 

internet downloaded files and applications. However, unsecure browsers also 

pose a threat to operating systems. Browser plug-ins is one area which is 

exploited by all and sundry. It allows hackers and cyber thieves to manipulate 

several OS functions, thereby making the computing environment vulnerable 

on several fronts. Older version of Internet Explorer, typically bundled with XP 

will no longer be provided with security patches. The same applies to other 

browsers such as obsolete Mozilla Firefox flavors. In such a scenario it is 

better to install Google Chrome which is comparatively secure and continues 

to offer support for XP users.

3. Email client and Desktop Manager

Microsoft has also announced its desire to stop non-security fixes, free or 

paid support and security patches for Microsoft Office 2003. It simply means 

Microsoft Outlook will no longer be safe anymore as any future loopholes will 

make it a perfect target for cyber bandits and companies offering badly coded 

applications with inherent security issues. The best way to make sure your 

OS secure is to switch over to free or paid email client, task manager and 

calendar applications. Any compromise here would simply translate into 


4. Robust Anti-virus

Microsoft’s native security software “Security Essentials” has always been 

under flak for inefficient and insufficient features. Even though Microsoft has 

promised to keep on upgrading and patching this security software as and 

when it finds a loophole, it is better that you install a powerful, dedicated 

anti-virus program. It has become all the more important now because the 

watch dog, Microsoft, will no longer guard the gates to your computer system.

5. Device drivers

Device drivers are an integral part of any OS. Unfortunately, they are also 

vulnerable to security threats and malicious software which can simply hijack 

your personal information. It is therefore important to keep them updated 

regularly. Use free or paid tools to update and upgrade these essential files 

so that your OS is sanitized. Remember, you now own an OS which has no 

Godfather or a caretaker. Apart from device drivers make sure you keep your 

other software updated all the times.

6. Login as normal user and not administrator

Another way to secure your Windows XP environment is to use non-

administrative account. It simply means limiting yourself and your computer 

to basic functionality. Because normal users cannot add or delete programs or 

download files without administrative password you can enhance the security 

of your OS and thereby your computer system. It simply means no spyware 

and other malicious software creeping in unknowingly and stealing precious 

personal and business information. To run administrator chores simply 

disconnect from the internet.

7. Switch Operating System

Now, this may seem quite intimidating but several flavors of Linux such as 

Ubuntu and Puppy Linux have proven their mettle on the OS front. These 

Linux versions are stable, fast, secure and compatible with most of the 

commercial software/applications. To add icing to the cake most of Linux 

flavors are free to download and use. There is no limit to the number of users 

as well.

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