Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Send ZIP, PDF, APK , EXE , RAR Files Via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very popular app now these days for chatting. With this you can 

share limited things like audio, video, contacts and images. But you can’t 

share other important things like documents, exe files, pdf, zip files, etc. 

Well with some small changes and tricks you can get this feature in your 

whatsapp, you can easily share ZIP, PDF, DOC, RAR, APK, EXE, PPT , XLS, 

etc. with friends on WhatsApp .

Trick to Share ZIP, PDF, APK, EXE and Other With WhatsApp:

1-First of all Install Dropbox and CloudSend App in your smartphone.

2-ow open CloudSend app in your smartdevice. It will show you small tour 

of app. All you have to swipe from right to left on your device’s screen. It will 

ask you to authorize this app by the end. All you have to click Allow.

3-Now it will create “CloudSend” folder in your Dropbox Account. You will be 

able to control it completely. Now you can close the app after completing the 


4-In order to send any type of file, press and hold the file through file 

manager and choose Share button. After that choose CloudSend option from 


5-Hold on while the selected file is being uploaded on CloudSend folder 

created on Dropbox. The duration of file transfer vary according to the 

connection speed and size of file. The best part of CloudSend is that it 

doesn’t have any restrictions regarding file size.

6-Now you will get a share link.


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