Sunday, July 14, 2013

Download Torrent Using Internet Download Manger©

Torrents are the ultimate source to find and download almost anything from 

internet. Unfortunately, Torrents are not legal or Bittorent restrictions in 

some regions and even if it is allowed, number of seeds are too low resulting 

into waste of time downloading it, So the solution is downloading torrent 

using Internet download manager (HTTP direct link which are Fast and legal). 

Download Torrent Using Internet Download Manger

Here is a smart and simple solution to do that using Torrific which also works 

on same concept as TorrentFlux. The Torrent file is queued up and 

downloaded to their server space and then you can download torrents via 

HTTP Direct link to your Computer.

Because of SOPA we have lost some good services like Torrific.com. I have 

this site which leeches torrents on server just like Torrific.com , you can 

download torrents Directly from download managers, like IDM. You can see 

my previous article “how to increase torrent speed”, and about torrific.com 

but torrific is down and now you can migrate to this site.

This is a very simple process but I already added Step-by-Step screenshot 

and make it easy to understand, I bet even four year can understand this icon 

razz Torrific.com alternative, same as Torrific.com first you have to sign up 

for new account, after give your email, password etc and sign up for this 


Linke to the site here also you can use this or this  and this.


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