Monday, July 8, 2013

Get Payoneer Master Card Charged With 25$ For Free

Today I'm going explain how to get payoneer master card charged eith 

25$ for free, Most of us can't benefit from payoneer master card specially 

when ordered through Odesk or Elanc as they must be charged through them 


But now with payoneer master card you can send and receive money very 

Easy and through any bank you want. 


1- you can get 25$ after registration an account as a registration Present 

2-Also it's shipment charges are so low comparing with other cards it just 29$ 

and you pay them every year.

3-Supports a lot of  countries as it supports around 210 country over the 


4-Also there is no shipment on changing the your ATM machine number.

5-You can use it locally with no Restrictions or commissions as it's Free-


6-You can use it to activate Paypal account or any other online banque.

7-You can buy through from web easily and it can't be rejected.

8-You can withdraw 2500$ daily as it's maximum is 5000$ per day.

9-ATM shipment is so low equals 3.15$ beside it's free and you should be 

18+ to get it.

                                  Register yours here

You should enter your real information in order to be shipped to you quickly.

After registration you will receive a message like that:-


Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card order has been approved!

The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Jul 2012

There are 3 steps to be completed:

Step 1: Registration » Completed!
Step 2: Approval » Completed!
Step 3: Delivery » You are here!
Note:- Your national ID number should match the number you entered or you 

will be rejected.

After that they will send you a message contains a link to upload your 

National ID pictures upload screenshot for it from back and face.

Now just wait till it is shipped to you and activate it and it will be ready to 



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