Monday, July 8, 2013

Google launched "Google Mine"

Google prepares a new service that's called Google Mine. It's integrated with 

Google+, This new service us tested internally at Google.

Google Launches Google Mine

"Google Mine lets you share your belongings with your friends and keep up to 

date with what your friends are sharing. It enables you to control which of 

your Google+ Circles you share an item with. It also lets you rate and review 

the items, upload photos of them and share updates on the Google+ Stream 

where your friends get to see and comment on them." description of the 

application reads.

It also enables social interactions around them with your Circles using 


* Catalog your belongings, track what you have.

* Review your belongings for your friends to see.

* Control who sees what, track conversations.

* Send requests to borrow or try out friends' stuff.

* Share stuff you wish for, get recommendations.

* Share stuff you are giving away, find takers.

* Follow, browse, search stuff that friends share.

Also it's application on android is ready on Bazaar Google's internal store.

After adding an object, Google shows this message: "You have just started 

using Google Mine and have added some items to your collections. Now, you 

can let your friends know by posting to your Google+ Stream."

You can ask other people to send you their objects: "You are starting a 

request for an item. Google Mine will enable you to communicate on this 

request with the receiver by creating a post to your Google+ Stream, visible 

only to you and the receiver."

You can also:

* Search for stuff people have shared on Mine.

* See instant matches for your stuff, and the people in your circles.

* Use What's Hot to follow what others are sharing.

* Organize and share your stuff as lists.

Another cool feature: a 3D viewer called Katamari that uses WebGL to shows 

your objects.



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