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Hidden Programs on Windows©

Hidden_Programs _on_windows

In this article I'm going to share some cool tricks in windows XP that may 

most of us don't know, So lets start:-

Number 1:-Private Character Editor :-Which is used for editing fonts..etc

Open start menu>>Run and type eudcedit

Number 1:-Dr. Watson :-Which an inbuilt windows repairing software

Open start menu>>Run and type drwtsn32 

Number 3:-Media Played 5.1 :-Even if you upgrade your Media Player, you can 

still access your old player in case the new one fails

Open Start menu>>Run and type mplay32

Number 4:-iExpress :-Used to create Setups You can create your own 


Open Start menu>>Run and type iexpress

Number 5:-Trick to Show Your name after time in taskbar :-Try this trick to 

add up your name in place of AM and PM beside time

Step-1:- Navigate to -> Start >> Control Pannel >>Regional and Language 

Option >> Click on Customize >>Go to TIME Tab >> Change AM symbol and 

PM symbol from AM and PM to your name >> Apply >> Ok ...Did It change? If 

not, follow step 2 below.


Step2:- Now go to time in taskbar and Double Click it to open "Date and time 

property" ...Look place where time changes in digital form i.e. 02:47:52 AM , 

click to arrow to change the AM or PM by selecting and press arrow. It will 

Show your name or name that was entered by you ,Apply>> OK and be HAPPY 


Adobe Acrobat reader always consumes more memory when it starts. The 

reason behind is, it loads all the plugins, even the plugins that you do not 

use. This trick is to remove all the plugins from the plugins directory to 

elsewhere. Hence, whenever you open Acrobat reader it directly opens the 

files without loading any plugins and the speed is just like Notepad.

Step 1:-Go to the installation folder of acrobat reader

(C:\program files\adobe\acrobat\reader\.. whatever)

Step 2:-Move all the files and folders from the "plugins" directory to the

"Optional" directory. (I repeat.. cut and paste the files NOT copy &


Also make sure that acrobat reader is not open else it will lock the

files and not allow you to move the files).

Now your acrobat reader will load very fast and almost as good as


Number 7:-Add Or Stop Programs During Startup

You can start or stop programs from executing at boot up by adding or 

deleting them to/from the run Keys in the Registry.

Windows loads programs to start in the following order; Program listed in the 

Local Machine hive, then the Current User hive, then theWin.ini Run= and 

Load = lines. then finally programs in your Start Up folder.

To add or remove programs in the Registry

Step 1:-Open Regedit (Start-->Run-->regedit)

Step 2:-Go to the desired Key







Step 3:-Add a new String Value and name it anything you like

Step 4:-For the value data, enter the path and executable for the program

you want to run.

By adding the value to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive instead allows the 

program to start only when that user is logged on.

If you add the value to the Run Once key the program will run once and be 

removed from the key by Windows.

Another Way :-Open Start menu>>Run and type msconfig


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