Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Create Bootable CD/DVD©

With the CD-ROM available on almost every computer now a day, floppy drives

become a history. However, for those who find computers a hobby, might run 

How To Create Bootable CD/DVD

into a situation when they need to create a bootable CD that works just like 

the old floppy disk. Unfortunately, to do this, you still need a floppy drive to 

read your bootup floppy disk. Wait, the good news is, you can just down load 

a bootable ISO image and burn it to a CD. And even better, we have a copy 

of an ISO image right here. You can download this image and follow the 

instructions below, or you can do a web search for more options.


The information on this article will guide you step-by-step how to create a 

bootable CD/DVD, either using a bootup floppy disk or a boot image file. You 

will end up having a bootable CD or DVD, with CD-ROM driver supported, that 

could startup your PC and bring up the command prompt. This is going to be 

good starting point, then you can run other utilities such as hard drive 

ghost, etc..

Many current CD/DVD burning software support the bootable feature. If you 

already have your favorite burning software, look around to find the bootable 

option. For this article, I will use the steps and sample screen-shots with the 

burning tool called Nero.

You will need a boot disk (floppy) or a bootable ISO image to start. If you 

don't have one, you can download an ISO image here. This boot image is 

Windows-98 based, which means it uses the Windows 98 bootup sequence, 

which should do what we need. You can also download different boot disk 

images from the internet. I've found bootdisk.com has a very good collection.

I assume that you already have Nero installed. Also, it is highly 

recommended to use a rewritable disc so you can redo the process if you 

have to.

   1. Launch Nero Burning ROM

   2. At the New Compilation Window, select "CD" from the drop-down menu 

and select "CD-ROM (Boot)" for CD, (or select "DVD" and "DVD-ROM (Boot)" 

for DVD)

   3. If you use a bootup floppy disk, insert the floppy disk and select 

"Bootable logical drive..."

   4. If you use an image file, select "Image File" then click "Browse" to 

browse to the image.

At the "Open" Window, browse to the location where you saved the boot 

image and choose the image you wish to use and click "Open" (you might 

need to change the "Files of type" to "All Files" in order to see files with 

different extensions.)

   5. Click "New" at the New Compilation Window.
 6. Nero New Compilation Window disappears and Nero brings up its main  

screen where you can add more files to the CD/DVD if you wish. For example, 

adding a "ghost" folder with the file "ghost.exe" as follows.

Once you're done adding all the files you wish to, click on the "Burn" icon.

7. At the "Burn Compilation" Window, select "Burn"! 

If You can't Use Nero You can use another simple software called Xilisoft ISO 



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