Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Detect Fake E-mails

Today, I'm going to talk about very important issue it's how to detect fake 

E-mails, today hackers have various ways to steal your private data and hack 

your computer, So today i will explain how to detect fake emails and avoid 


 Fake E-mails are those which seems to be coming from a real E-mail address 

but they are sent from fake E-mail sender and this can be done easily using 

any tool available online, which asks for the the name and the E-mail of the 

 sender which could be any thing like Google, Facebook, Twitter....etc.

These E-mails can be harmful as it some time asks you for your banking 

username or passwords so we will have an example to explain on it,
How To Detect Fake E-mails
As we see we have a Fake E-mail sent be Mark zuckerberg to identify it just 

click on the down arrow next to "to me", you will see this drop down menu:-
How To Detect Fake E-mails
This drop down contains some information, if the E-mail sent from trusted 

source you will see another two fields "Mailed By", "Signed By" like this:-
How To Detect Fake E-mails
These fields can be found in E-mails which is sent from big companies like 

Google,Facebook, Twitter...etc, but there is alot of companies which doesn't 

have their own server so they use Gmail as their own hosting  servers.

Now we will see the header of the E-mail to see it click on the arrow on the 

right side of Reply Icon it looks like that 
How To Detect Fake E-mails
Search for "Received: From" in this page, if there are more than one, go for 

the last one and see the domain.
How To Detect Fake E-mails
It shows "emkei.cz" in the Fake E-mail sent by me, Now go to the  

site "emkei.cz" and know that the domain belongs fake mail sender site.

To trace the location of E-mail sendsr

To the IP address of the sender in the E-mail header search for "X-

Originating- IP" and you will get the IP address of the sender, if you get it 

you can use any IP online tracer like whats is my IP address.  

Note:-If the E-mail is sent from Gmail using Gmail web, you will never get 

the original IP address. some other E-mail severs may be the fake ones don't 

Reveal the IP address of the sender in the E-mail header.


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