Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

Facebook hacking is widely spread now days, hackers use many 
method to 

hack your your facebook account like phishing and keylogers this two methods 

are the most  commonly used.

 to protect your account from hacking via phishing you shouldn't open specious 

links and make sure when you opening your account you use the original Facebook

 page and should start like this:-

https://www.facebook.com NOT http://www.facebook.com OR 

http://www.facebook.net , like this

facebook phishing

We take spam prevention seriously here at Facebook, but unfortunately, 

there is spam on the site. As an example, you may have seen Wall posts 

advertising free ringtones among other spam, as well as a more malicious 

form of spam called "Phishing". These two trends are related, and here's why:

Phishing is a method to trick Internet users into visiting fraudulent websites. 

Phishing websites are designed to look like the login page of popular 

websites. Because they look real, people log in, accidentally giving criminals 

access to user accounts. These can then send spam messages to perpetuate 

the phishing websites and promote services or products. When a phished 

account is used by a spammer, more Wall posts that are spam or links to 

phishing sites are sent out, and the cycle continues.

Wall posts that result from this will look out of place; they either advertise 

products or ask to log you in to Facebook from another site when clicked. If 

either case is true, keep in mind that it might be spam or a phishing attempt. 

We wanted to spend some time giving you tips to help you protect your own 

account, as well as your friends' accounts.


Have you experience being infected with those keyloggers? Keyloggers are 

malwares that are created to record your keystrokes, they will send whatever 

you type to whoever created that malware.

This tool will scramble your keys and can greatly help you from being hacked. 

Since Keyloggers records keystrokes, this software will scramble it (If you 

press A it will record the keystroke as some random character but will still 

show up as A) for you.

Note: This doesn't FULLY protect you, but it can HELP you. I do not own this 

software, but I recommend that you try it for added security.

Keyloggers are one of the most well known and feared security threats on 

computers today. They’re feared because they are generally hard to detect, 

and because the damage they do is often meant to extend beyond the 

infected computer. A virus may seek to crash a computer, ruin its hard drive, 

or take some files, but a keylogger is usually employed to take personal 

information, be it a password or credit card number.

There are many ways to protect against keyloggers, however, and ensure that 

you don’t become a victim of identify theft or have to deal with any lesser 

hassle, like a hijacked World of Warcraft account. While no defense is perfect,

 -To protect your facebook from being hacked via kelogging 

you shouldn't download any programs )especially programs 

name.exe) coz it's keyloger and to check if youe computer is

clean or not check  this


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