Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Use Twitter to Get Higher Rankings?

Twitter is considered a the second popular social network today after 

Facebook, so it's a good method to get traffic to your site just create an 

account and spread your posts on it.

Twitter seo

One of the most beautiful advantages of twitter it allows you to give short 

sharp pieces of information to potential customers. Tweets are a form of links 

that can affect your site campaign. if more people start to retweet your 

posts, this will increase your site traffics.

Your tweets should have a high quality

you should focus on the quality of the tweet not the quantity of it as twitter 

Gives the users limited number of characters so you should write the 

necessary, you should choose short sharp pieces of information to let your 

followers curious and want to know more.

Keep your account updated

Followers like to see more so you shouldn't stop posting updates or they will 

think you stopped posting or not open any more, so you should Keep your 

Page updated,To overcome this and keep visitors coming back, make sure 

you have an interesting page that is constantly updated, as visitors will want 

to find out what will be on your page next. 

Retweet others tweets

you should let your followers think that you are caring about them through 

retweeting their posts, By showing you are active in the Twitter-verse, it will 

be easy to build brand awareness, and the interaction shows that you are not 

just using Twitter for SEO benefit, but that you are genuinely interested in 

someone else's business or interests.

That is it keep these notes in mind as twitter brings you a potential 

customers to your site, So don't miss this opportunity.


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