Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ipad Mini vs Nexus 7II

There  are a lot of devices no days in markets with different sizes and 

specifications, but today I will compare between Ipad Mini  and Nexus 7II So 

lets start:-


Almost both of them has the same height, But Nexus 7II is thicker and 



Nexus 7 II weighs 290 Gram on the other hand Ipad Mini weighs 308 Gram, 

But if we attached the weight with the dimensions we find Ipad Mini is lighter 

with about 8% than Nexus 7II.


The firs release of Nexus 7 II has a plastic body, while Ipad Mini has a metal 



One of the most important points that make Nexus 7II special is the screen 

as it has IPS LCD screen, 7 Inches having resolution of 1900 x 1200 Pixel, 

this has screen has a high density of pixels (323 pixel for each inch), 

supporting multi touch up to 10 fingers and protected against scratching with 

Gorilla glass. On the other hand Ipad Mini has a bigger screen 7.9 Inches 

having resolution of 1024 x 768 with density of 162 pixel for each Inch, also 

supporting multi touch and protected with Oleophobic coating.


Nexus 7II has a 1.5 GHZ quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor  with 

graphics Adreno 320, On the other hand Ipad Mini has a 1 GHZ dual core 

processor with graphics  PowerVR SGX543MP2 , Nexus 7 II supposed to have 

the advantage of preformance.


Nexus 7II has 2Giga pf rams, But Ipad Mini has 512 Meg of rams Nexus 7 II 

supposed to have the advantage of Rams.


Nexus 7 II is available with 16 or 32 G, But Ipad Mini is available with 16, 32 

and 64 G, But both of them don't support MicroSD cards.


Both of them support WIFI and 4G putting in mind that Nexus 7II having 32G 

Internal storage will only support 4G.


Both oe them has a 5 Miga pixel back camera and a 1.2 Front one.


Nexus 7II has a 3950 MAh battery can stand for 9 hours, while Ipad Mini has 

4400 MAH battery can stand for 10 hours.

11.Operating System 

Nexus 7II is running on android 4.3 which is considered the latest one, on the 

other hand Ipad Mini is running on IOS 6 and will be updated to IOS 7 when 



Nexus 7II price is starting from 230$ while Ipad Mini price is starting from 


Small Note: This simple comparsion showed that Nexus 7II exceeds on Ipad 

Mini on some points like Screen, Processor and price.So which one you 

prefer Nexus 7II or Ipad Mini? tell us in comments blow.


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