Friday, July 19, 2013

Microsoft Offering 3GB Extra SkyDrive Storage to Students

Microsoft Offering 3GB Extra SkyDrive Storage to Students

SkyDrive is a great way to back up and store files in the cloud, and 

everything from your tablet, computer or Windows Phone. 

SkyDrive is a free service with 7GB of storage.  From students (or 
anyone else 

for that matter) 7GB might not be enough.Most of us get 7GB of free cloud 

storage space on SkyDrive with a free Microsoft account, which includes free 

web versions of WordExcel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It’s frankly a pretty 

good deal, but Microsoft is hooking up college students with a slightly better 


microsoft is offering 3GB extra storage space to students in United States for 

a year.If yofu are a student and want to claim this offer, just visit this 

page and register with your .edu email address. Once the company 

your email id, you will receive a unique promo code to extend your SkyDrive 

storage. This promo code will be valid for one year.

It may not be the best deal, but if you need a bump in SkyDrive 
storage for 

your college needs, the extra 3GB could come in handy.  Oh... and if you 

haven't installed the SkyDrive app on your Windows Phone, you can find it 

here in the Windows Phone Store.


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