Monday, July 15, 2013

Mistakes May Close Your Adsense Account

Some adsense publishers account may be closed for some of these following 

reasons so be careful and don't Contravenes these rules.

Reasons May Close Your Adsense Account

1-Copied content

Many newbie bloggers tend to copying other blogs content rather than writing 

their own ones and this may lead your account be closed moreover your blog 

don't have a high rank in search results.

As soon as the owner of the real content reports you your account will be 

closed immediately so don't endanger your account, I strongly advice you to 

avoid copying other posts and try blogging with your own post.

2-Content classified as (adult)

Before you apply for Adsense you should read it's privacy and policy very well 

as it prohibits showing ads in these sites.

3-RSS feed that doesn't yours

Some bloggers make a trick through which they can steal RSS feed for other 

blogs, that also considered against Adsense privacy and policy.

4-Abusing Content that has been shared with others

If you were having a forum or site which enables interaction with others 

through comments or shares so you are responsable for the content they 

share too like (texts-images-videos-links) so Google always advices you to 

take good care with your blog, also cracks or hacking methods are against the 

privacy so avoid these things.

5-Avoid putting your ads in movable boxes "Floating Box"

Many bloggers who have law traffic tend to putting the codes in Floating Box 

thinking that would increase the chance of clicking them, personally i thought 

with this idea but later found it's against the privacy ,So avoid this.

6-Abusing places

Don't put your ads in abusing places like:-

mails-desktop applications- tools box- browser extensions- widgets or 

Facebook pages.

7-Clicking ads with your self

This rule may be known by most Publishers even the newbie so don't do this 

or use proxies to do this.

8-Paying for clicks

Some publishers may use some sites that offers services for do other tasks, 

this is considered prohibited.


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