Monday, July 8, 2013

Protect Your Adsense Account from The Illegal Clicks

How many blogger his adsense account has been closed due to the illegal 

clicks, well most of us and these people blames adsense about that, but in 

the contrary adsense is just a company wants you to be serious about it's 

program, So today i will explain how to Protect Your Adsense Account from 

The Illegal Clicks.

Protect Your Adsense Account from The Illegal Clicks

The invalid click is the clicks clicked by None Human this Clicks created by 

some script , automatic software or spliders,or Children Click , Newbies and 

Fraud Click by someone try to kill you or clicks clicked by you trying to 

increase your income, And in all cases these is illegal and  Abuse Google 

Adsense TOS .

And you can recognize them your traffic states and the unnormal number of 

clicks per day or your ads clicks CTR is high you should email adsense as 

well, Also you can the invalid clicks through the number of clicks * the cost of 

the click and compare the number you get if it was less than the number of 

the real cost then there is invalid clicks and you should contact google.

So the solution is so easy just go to >>Invalid Clicks Contact Form from 

adsense fill it with your informatin and the IP that annoys you and google will 

fix it and every thing will be ok as soon as you are emailing google.


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