Sunday, July 14, 2013

Protect Your Private Data Using Folder Protector©

Many of us has private folders that we want to keep their content secret 

because they may contain important document or friends photos or business 

documents,As Windows offers no way to protect our private information, most 

of us get in awkward situations when these files are discovered by unwanted 


Protect You Private Data Using Folder Protector

So the solution is using folder protector through it you can lock your private 

folders using password so you can only access the folder, this awesome 

program is free and also portable you don't need to install it.

Folder Protector offers each user a protected folder that can only be opened 

by entering the password in Folder Protector. Unlike most security 

programs, Folder Protector is small in size (nearly 58KB) and does not show 

the folder that it is protecting. This gives an additional advantage that 

people who don't know the password do not have a target to try and hack 

their way into. As the software is portable, you can hide it or even delete it 

after protecting your folder and no one will have a clue that it was used. 

Download Folder Protector

Download for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Download for Windows XP

At the first time you use it it will ask you to enter a password you want use 

to lock your folder and after entering the password it will open you a folder 

called "Secured files" and this will be your protected folder and will be 

located on desktop and you can add all your private documents on it. you can 

"menu" panel in the program to control it.

For unlocking it just type as your action and the program will ask you to enter 

your password and it will show you the protected content, Changing the 

Password: Just type change as your action. The program will ask you for your 

current password. Upon successful entry of the current password, the program 

will ask for your new password and change it.


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