Monday, July 29, 2013

Razer Game Booster To Speed Up Your PC performance For Gamers

Nothing places quite such a heavy demand on your PC as a leading-edge 

game. And if your system isn't quite up to the challenge, then the chances 

are you'll already know the results: lengthy startup times, an unresponsive 

interface and poor frame rates. Don't give up just yet, though - there may be 

a way to improve your PCs performance.
Razer Game Booster
Run Game Booster and it'll scan your system for unnecessary background 

programs and services. We tried it on a test system and it located 13 active 

processes that were surplus to requirements. These could all be closed in a 

couple of clicks, freeing up more than 140MB of RAM, and a few other system 

resources, to help improve our gaming speeds.

Give Your Game a Boost

1-Click Boosting Game Performance

2-Pure Gaming Environment with "Game Desktop"

3-Tweak System for Top Gaming Performance

4-Real-time Screencast for Sharing

What does Razer Game Booster do?

In partnership with Razer, we proudly present you Razer Game Booster, a 

simple yet powerful solution to get the absolute best performance of your 

system and games. With just one click, it automatically enhances the state 

of your system and focuses all its resources purely for gaming. Razer Game 

Booster can get rid of interruptions by keeping only the gaming window on 

the desktop, and give you the ability to record real-time video / audio so that 

you can share your favorite gaming moments with friends around the world.
Get Razer Game Booster 


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