Monday, July 8, 2013

SamSung Launches Galaxy S4 zoom

Less than two weeks SamSung officially launched Galaxy S4 zoom which 

has a very unique camera that has Optical Zoom " ability, making it a very 

high quality camera and a good choice for photographers.

SamSung Launches Galaxy S4 zoom

This amazing phone has a camera with optical zoom up to 10X with 16Mega

Pixel in addition to a the possibility of image stabilization and xenon flash 

and can take continuous shot at 4 frames per second with  auto focus, also it 

supports ISO till 3200.

It has a Super AMOLED QHD screen 4.3 inches and this display has been 

constructed using the Corning Gorilla Glassy 3 technology for thinner and 

stronger display with resistance from scratches, with a dual core 

processor with 1.5 GHZ , 1.5 RAM and 8G internal memory can be extended 

Also it has a battery with a capacity of 2330 MAH.

The amazing thing about it that it supports 4G connectivity (LTE) running on 

Android 4.2 "jellybean"  with a layer of TouchWiz's NatureUX on it but it looks 

thick remarkably with weight up to 208 Grams,The camera supports playback 

for variety of audio-video format.

And on the software side, Samsung has implemented a feature called In-Call 

Photo Share, which allows users to capture and send an image directly to 

whoever they are talking to via MMS.

Samsung didn't say how much the Galaxy S4 Zoom will cost, or when it will 

ship. The S4 family now consists of the original model, the Mini, the Active 

and the Zoom.

SamSung Launches Galaxy S4 zoom

SamSung Launches Galaxy S4 zoom


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