Monday, July 22, 2013

Tips To Save Your Android Phone Battery

If you are an iPhone user, you already know that iOS 6 consumes iPhone 

battery too much, But android can be adjusted to use less power so that you 

can use your phone for longer time.

Tips To Save Your Android Phone Battery

Turn off location services when not needed

iPhone has built in GPS support that locate you on the map. It helps you to 

find things around you. But you are not going to find things around you all 

the time. So, you can turn of GPS when it is not needed. You can do this by 

going to settings–> Privacy–>location services and turn off it. If you need it 

again, follow the same path to turn it on.

Turn Off Data Connection When not needed

iPhone supports 3G and LTE connectivity. This connects you to internet when 

you are away from any Wi-Fi hotspot. But you can turn it off when you think 

you do not need it any more  It will save your battery and data as well. 

Connectivity consumes enough data with a fast consumption rate. So avoid it 

when not in use.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Like in data connection, Bluetooth also consumes enough battery if it is turn 

on. So, always turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it. If it is turn on, it 

will monitor any Bluetooth signal and this will drain your phone’s battery. So, 

turn off Bluetooth by going to settings –> Bluetooth when you are not using 


Turn off Wi-Fi

Wi-fi is the fastest way of data connectivity but it also drains battery very 

fast. If you are not in the range of any Wi-Fi hotspot, switch it off. Leaving it 

in on state when it is only searching for network consumes battery too much. 

Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and slide to turn off.

Adjust Brightness

iPhone can detect the ambient light around you. So, it can adjust the 

brightness of screen according to the light around you. You can enable auto 

brightness by going to settings –> Brightness & Wallpaper and turn on Auto-

brightness. If you want to dim the screen, it will save more power.

Stop Background Apps

We all have habit to open apps but hardly we stop them. Always take care of 

it and make it your habit to close background apps. Double-tap Home, press 

and hold an app and tap ‘-’ to close background apps.

Use Sleepy time

When phone is active, it consumes battery. Best way us to set auto lock in 

the phone and send it to sleep in shortest time. 1 minute is good idea. Go to 

Settings>General>Auto-Lock to set this timeout time.

Of course you can dig deeper to save more battery by other ways. But these 

are the common ways which you must follow to save battery of your iPhone 

and increase battery life.


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