Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top Android Apps For Spying

If you own an Android supported device, you are likely enjoying the wonderful 

features that come with your phone. With many applications that you can 

install on your Smartphone from Google Play, you certainly will never run out 

of options.
Top Android Apps For Spying
1. NetSpy Software

This is a cell phone spy application that is available for Android devices that 

can help you track down all your mobile communications like text messaging, 

SMS and emails. The application also offers its users the power to monitor 

closely the mobile browsing activities on an Android device. Perhaps the 

strongest feature of this mobile spy app is its ability to run stealth while 

performing its monitoring activities, an excellent feature for someone who 

wants to track down an Android phone activities and location discreetly 

without its user knowing that their device is being monitored. NetSpy Mobile 

provides a real time location report using its GPS feature, allowing you to 

track down the monitored Android phone location.

2. Mobistealth

The special feature of this mobile spy software is spying on all calls made to 

and from the monitored Android device. The user has the ability to intercept a 

call that is made from the device itself or any incoming calls. It is most 

appealing to parents who want to exercise better parental guidance and 

control on their children mobile usage. You can easily intercept, interrupt or 

cut off a call that you think will be harmful to your child. You can easily 

monitor the user’s mobile browsing history with a complete SMS data and call 

details report. One can also retrieve the recording of the calls through the 

monitored device and it is easier to access all the multimedia files like 

photos and videos that are sent or received by the Android device. 

3. Spy Camera OS

If your objective is to take pictures or videos discreetly without your target 

subjects knowing it, you only need a spying app on your Android phone to 

accomplish this mission. The Spy Camera OS works for this objective whereby 

the user can enjoy a smart way to effectively take videos and photos with 

various features to use like pinch to zoom, fast capture, hide or display the 

captured photos or video on your mobile gallery, face detection automatic 

shots, full camera resolution even when using the spy camera and with strong 

background capture and recording capabilities and easy to name files.

4. Mobile Spy

This is a mobile spy app that will give its users the ability to control the 

monitored Android phone live through the control panel. You can even erase 

or restrict the use of the apps running on the Android device that one is 

spying on. Through the application’s control panel, you have everything in 

control over the Android device to perform all the spying activities that you 

want to do such as viewing the image gallery, listening to live call 

conversation, view the internet browsing activities, read and send text 

messages and email remotely and to track down the location of the device 

being spied on. 

5. Ear Spy

If your spying activities will require you to eavesdrop, Ear Spy can provide you 

the ideal mobile spy app to use in order to monitor conversations. To use the 

app effectively you will need an earphone in order to optimize the use of the 

application on your Android phone. It provides you better hearing capabilities 

to listen to your surroundings better. The main feature of the spy app on 

Android is the sound amplification using your device microphones that send 

clear voice interception to your earphone. 


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