Friday, July 12, 2013

Translate Films Without Softwares©


Have you ever download a film but it's language was different than your's and 

you can't read it, Well your problem is now solved ^_^. Of course each of us 

know Media classic Player, some of us considers it not good and VLC is better 
Translate Films Without Softwares
but it has some tricks just VLC has some (here) as you can translate your 

films to any language you want using it Just you need to the translation be 

available on it's site data base>>opensubtitles.org to do this just follow 

these steps:-

Step 1:-Download Media Classic Player from here.

Step 2:-Click view from the upper bar.

Step 3:-Then choose Option>>Misc.

Step 4:-Make sure this link is there (www.opensubtitles.org/isdb) in online 

subtitle database box.

Step 5:-Open the film you want to translate and Click file>>Subtitle


Step 6:-Then it will view the available translation for the film.

Step 7:- Reopen the film and you will see the translation on the screen. 

It's done Enjoy watching films on your language.


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