Monday, July 8, 2013

Use Your Android Device Camera As A Webcam

Today I will share a very cool trick through which you will be able to use 

your android phone as a webcam you can use for video chatting and 

other purposes.

Use Your Android Device Camera As A Webcam

Now you can use your android phone as a webcam all what you should do is 

follow these simple steps:-

Download and install DroidCam Android application in your 
Android device 

from Google Play Store. The app is available for free or cost and supports 

most of the Android devices available.

Then you need to download a desktop client. Download  
DroicCam desktop 

client from Dev47apps. Desktop client is available for Windows and Linus 

computers. Desktop is client is small in size and will be downloaded in few 

seconds, it looks like this>>>


DroidCam allows users to make connection between two 
computers either via 

USB or Wifi. Select appropriate option desktop client to connect your device 

to PC. You can use any option and then connect button to share the 


After establishing the connection, click the button with three dots in 

DroidCam client. Select the Show camera output option to view the camera.
You can easily connect this camera to Google+, Skype of Facebook to use it 

as webcam.


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