Sunday, July 21, 2013


Today I'm going to talk about torrent, Torrent is some kind of download used 

to download large files, but in order to use it you should download from 

torrent sites, also you should know that torrent sites has pirated softwares.
what is Bit Torrent?

Is a protocol that allows you to download files quickly and efficiently. It is a 

peer to peer protocol, which means you download and upload to other people 

downloading the same file. BitTorrent is often used for distribution of large 

files or popular content as it is a cheap, fast, efficient way to distribute files 

to users like you.

whate are seeders and leachers?

Seeders are people who already have the complete file. Good torrent 

condition says to share the file, even after you have finished downloading it, 

until you have uploaded as much as you downloaded, thus seeders keep 

sharing the file for others. Leachers are those copying the files. With 

most torrent clients you are sharing the parts of the file you have already 

downloaded with others, so while leaching you are also uploading some 

content. However since internet connections provide much more bandwidth to 

download rather than upload you will not have a 1/1 ratio by the time 

you finish downloading the file Short and sweet - Seeders have completed the 

download but are continuing to share it with others, Leachers are in the 

process of downloading.Seeders are people who already have the complete 

file. Good torrent etiquite says to share the file, even after you have finished 

downloading it, until you have uploaded as much as you downloaded, thus 

seeders keep sharing the file for others. 


Leachers are those copying the files. With most torrent clients you are 

sharing the parts of the file you have already downloaded with others, so 

while leaching you are also uploading some content. However since internet 

connections provide much more bandwidth to download rather than upload 

you will not have a 1/1 ratio by the time you finish downloading the file. 

Short and sweet - Seeders have completed the download but are continuing 

to share it with others, Leachers are in the process of downloading.  

here is a tutorial to download using it.

Also get utorrent here

here is some famous sites:-



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