Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Viber Has Been Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

After attacking on TrueCaller and Tango, Now Syrian Electronic Army(SEA) 

hacked into Viber Support Page and left a deface page on the website. 

Hackers have also mentioned the reason behind this attack.

“The Israeli-based ‘Viber’ is spying and tracking you . We weren’t able to hack 

all Viber systems, but most of it is designed for spying and tracking.” the 

defaced page reads.
After this, Viber has officially confirmed the hack. Company also confirms that 

the hack affected only two systems, a customer support panel and a support 

administration system. Company also confirmed that one of their employee 

was the weak link in this hack. He was hacked by phishing attack.

Today the Viber Support site was defaced after a Viber employee 

unfortunately fell victim to an email phishing attack. The phishing attack 

allowed access to two minor systems: a customer support panel and a 

support administration system. Information from one of these systems was 

posted on the defaced page,” company announced.

“It is very important to emphasize that no sensitive user data was exposed 

and that Viber’s databases were not “hacked”. Sensitive, private user 

information is kept in a secure system that cannot be accessed through this 

type of attack and is not part of our support system,” it added.


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