Sunday, July 21, 2013

What Is New In Android 4.3?

Few days ago android 4.3 for Nexus 4 has been leaked, This version doesn't 

have many changes that maybe the next new version "Key Lime Pie" Android 5

which would have a lot of changes.

 What Is New In Android 4.3

The most outstanding features:-

-Some application will be a built in application like Google Hangout for 

conversations and Google Keep for making notes and save it on Google Drive.

-Camera application Similar to that one on HTC one and Galaxy S4.

-"Scanning Always Available" service which will be existed in WIFI settings, 

which automatically scans your area for available WIFI and alerts you for 


-"Bluetooth Low Energy" Service from it's name  :) we can discover it's job as 

it makes the Bluetooth consumes less power when it's enabled.

-The clock can be hidden from Lock screen.

-Dialer Autocomplete When making phone calls in Android 4.3, the dialer can 

auto complete to save the user time. Xda user krypta points dialer settings 

as the source to turn this on. This is a common feature on many skinned 

versions of Android, but up until now was not included in stock Android.

-New Emotions The Android Emotions keyboard is now updated with 

new Emotions Emotions are similar to emoticons commonly used in chat, 

but that represent many more items. In Android 4.3, the Emotions  keyboard 

includes new nature Emotions as shown above. This discovery comes from 


-The version will be released this month in synchronization with releasing 

Nexus 7 II.



  1. amazing features :))

    1. yeah, but not so much I think android 5.0 will have totally new features :d


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