Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Windows 7 Tips & Shortcuts For Newbie©

Some helping Windows 7 tips that would be helpful for newbie

Windows 7 Tips For Newbie

• Finding anything on the PC and external hard disk drives is simplified. Open 

the Start menu and type in the search box. Select what you want from the 

list of instant search results.

• Quickly find a file that has been worked on previously. Rest the mouse 

pointer over a program name, or right-click an icon on the taskbar—a 

Windows 7 Jump List appears, displaying the documents most recently and 

most often used.

• The content view mode in Windows 7 Search includes labels for all 

properties for each item (file type, size, file path, date modified, and more), 

so search results are easier to interpret.

• Click the small rectangle in the lower-right corner (or Windows logo key

SPACEBAR key) to peek at the icons and gadgets on the desktop.

• Pin the folders used most onto the taskbar. Hold the mouse pointer over 

the folder, right-click, and drag the folder onto the taskbar for easy access. 

Right-click any icon on the taskbar, and click Unpin this program from the 


• To dock a window on half the screen, drag the window to the left or right. 

When the cursor reaches the edge of the screen, the window will snap to half 

the size of the screen. Alternatively, press Windows logo key + LEFT 

ARROW or Windows logo key + RIGHT ARROW.

• When you work with more than one monitor, use the keyboard shortcuts, 

Windows logo key + SHIFT + LEFT ARROW, or Windows logo key + SHIFT + 

RIGHT ARROW to move windows from one monitor to another.

• Press Windows logo key + P, and tab through the display options to switch 

between displays when using a projector.

• Windows 7 saves your laptop battery by reducing display brightness after a 

period of inactivity—but if you immediately interact with the computer to 

restore brightness, it waits longer before reducing brightness the next time.

• Use Windows 7 Calculator to calculate in standard, scientific, programmer 

and statistics modes. You can even convert temperature, weight, area, time, 

and more.

• To open another window of the same program (if more than one instance of 

the program can be run), hold SHIFT and click the taskbar icon, or click the 

middle button on your mouse.

Also check this PDF file here


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