Monday, July 8, 2013

Windows 8 Failure

windows blue spam or real?
windows blue

While Microsoft apologists focus on Windows continuing to be the 

desktop operating system, they keep missing the two elephants in the 

room: Windows 8 continues to fall behind Microsoft's previous top operating 

system failure, Vista, and Windows is no longer the dominant end-user 

operating system when PCs, smartphones and tablets are considered.

True, on the desktop, Windows 7 still ranks as the top operating system with 

44.85-percent of all PC users, followed by the still popular Windows XP with 

37.74-percent. Vista—yes the never loved Vista—comes in at third with 4.51 

percent. Despite the fact that finding and buying Windows 7 PCs has become 

increasingly more expensive and difficult, just try finding one in a retail store, 
Windows 8 share is growing but still comes in last at 4.27 percent.
Worse still, windows 8's month-over-month growth rate is lagging further and 

further behind Vista's dreadful 2007 adoption numbers. When comparing the 

operating systems when they were first launched, Windows 8's adoption rate 

in its first month trailed Vista by just over half-a-percent among PC buyers. 

Now, in their 8th month out, Vista's market-share numbers now lead 

Windows 8 by 3.64 percent. Needless to say, both lag far behind XP and 
Windows 7's numbers at similar points in their product life-cycle.As we 

heared the windows 8 has failed just like windows vista before as the 

failure lies in marketing, compatibility, as well as the ability of users to deal 

with microsoft decided to launch windows blue as heared from it's official 

blog but it turned out to be anew update for windows 8 not anew  

operating system as heared and this update (windows bluewill carry the 

number 8.1 .Also microsoft wrote on it's official blog that it will be  

available for download for free for existing Windows 8 users later this year.


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