Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Geek Week YouTube’s Easter Eggs

YouTube had few easter eggs but in geek week, it has added few more. In 

Geek Week Easter Egg hunt, it added few cool easter eggs and invited geeks 

to find those easter eggs based on the Tweet hint.

1. YouTube in ASCII Style

We have already posted about this easter egg. Type “/ geek week” in search 

bar and then see the ASCII version of YouTube. But this is not the only thing 

which you can write to see the ASCII version of YouTube. Just add “/ ” before 

any search query and see YouTube changes into ASCII version.

2. Beam me up Scotty

Type “Beam me up Scotty” and see how search results comes with a sparkling 

blue progress bar.

3. Missile Command “1980″

Play Missile Command game in YouTube. For this, just type “1980″ while your 

watching a video and watch how YouTube adds a missile game. Wait wait, do 

not write in search bar. Just click on white space on page and then pres 1980 

from keyboard. If you need some extra power? Type ’2300′ while you are 


4. My Little Pony

It is another nice easter egg. Just Type and search for ‘ponies‘ or ‘bronies’ in 

YouTube. Wait for few seconds and see. These are not the only two words. 

You can type the name of any character from My Little Pony: Friendship is 

Magic into the search bar and see how search box changes color.

5. Elite or Leetspeak

This cool easter egg converts all comments to l33t language. In any YouTube 

video page, press ’1337′ and see the comments.

6. Fibonacci Sequence

If you know about Fibonacci Sequence, you should see this cool easter egg. 

For this, you do not need to know the Fibonacci Sequence numbers. Just type 

“Fibonacci” in YouTube search and see the that video results comes in spiral.

7. Use the Force, Luke

Type “Use the Force, Luke” in YouTube search and press enter. See how page 

is creating a cool effect. Move your mouse to see how content is moving 

around your mouse.


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