Monday, August 12, 2013

Collection of Android Games


Respawnables is a free game developed by zynga company and can be played 

online or offline,you can play as team when you are playing online also it has 

more than 50 weapon and about 100 level on offline mode.

download Respawnables.

2.Hero Forge

Hero Forge is a wrestling game the player chooses his player and equip him 

with weapons, you can also play with your friends through android beam.

Download hero frog


Blastron Is an interesting game, the player uses his robot to kill other robots 

and collect weapons and points.

Download Blastron

4.Apoc Wars

Apoc Wars is a strategy game the player builds his own base and equip it wit 

weapons and vehicles.Apoc Wars is a multiplayer game can be played online.

Download Apoc Wars


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