Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Hide Your Last Name on Facebook

In this guide I will explain how hide your last name on Facebook, Facebook 

requires all users to include a first and last name for their profile,  There is 

no requirement however on using your real names. But now facebook users 

can hide their middle name and last name/surname. Hiding last name, you 

can effectively hide your identity on Facebook. This only takes a few minutes 

to set up within your Facebook account settings.

1.you need to have Firefox browser to d this trick.

2.Open it and go to--> Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Settings --> 

Connection Settings --> And choose manual proxy configuration. 

3.Use This Proxy Servers For All Protocols "Put this proxy and port".

Http Proxy : 

Port : 8080

4.Put on "No Proxy for Box".

5.Now goto Account Settings, Delete Middle Name and Last Name. Then 


6.Congratulation !! You Did It, Now Your Last Name Is Gone.


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