Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Know If your Has Computer Been Infected?

Has your computer been infected? maybe? you dont know? keep reading..


First of all, it would actually be a great idea to head over to the RAT section 

over here and follow a tutorial about RATs and a tutorial on how to spread 

RATs. Although you can use the knowledge to try and infect someone else, in 

this case, it's to understand how the "hackers" infect your computer. It's 

important to know how they think, how they spread their RATs, what they are 

trying to accomplish. Alright, if you have read any good tutorials on RATs, you 

will know that RATs give you the power to do almost anything to another 

person's computer including: Browse their files, access their webcam, keylog, 

restart their computer, disable mouse etc. Some common things that will 

signify that you have a RAT on your computer are

-Webpages randomly close

-CMD opens up for no reason (CMD is the little black window)

-You are redirected to websites even if you type in a different URL

-Your webcam light switches on (this is a huge one! There should be no 

reason whatsoever why your webcam is randomly switching on unless you are 

video chatting with someone)

-Files are deleted without you knowing

-There are processes in the task manager that you don't recognize

-There are processes of your web browser (EX. chrome.exe or iexplore.exe) 

open in the task manager even when you don't have any windows open.

-There are signs that another person has accessed your email or other 

How To Know If your Has Computer Been Infected?

accounts.There are many more than this but these are the most obvious 

ones. The most obvious one is probably the webcam since I don't know many 

people that could resist the temptation of accessing someone's webcam. 

There is no reason why your webcam should switch on unless you are taking a 

picture of yourself with your webcam or doing a video chat.

Please note that many RATs (including the most popular ones: Cybergate and 

Darkcomet), usually inject into the default browser meaning that, the RAT 

process actually looks like it's an internet process such as chrome.exe or 

iexplore.exe. So if you don't have any webpages open and you see a process 

like the ones above, you can almost be sure that something funny is going on.

P.S:-Rats, keyloger/kelog, DarkComet, Cybergate and Trojans are tools used 

by Hackers for hacking purposes. 


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