Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Prevent Internet cafe owner from spying on you

In this guide I will explain how to block  some one from spying on you while 

you are using public internet connection in some where outside while 

travelling, well this is something essential that you must make sure that 

there is any one spying on you while surfing the internet on public PC.

So first of all you should make sure if there some one spying on you, so you 

can use an application called "Hijack This", this software enables you to know 

if there were any program running secretly on background like "hanycafe" 

which used to watch PCs on the internet cafe you can know more about it 


 so to prevent internet cafe owner from spying on you just follow these steps:

If you are windows XP user:
  • Open control panel>>"Firewall".
  • Then choose "Advanced">>"Local area connection".
  • and choose "Settings" and search for "hanycafe client" check it then

For windows 7 users:
  • Open "control panel">>"Firewall".
  • Choose "Allow an app or feature" or "Windows Firewall".
  • Search for "Handycafe client" and delete it just like windows XP.

Now Internet cafe owner can't spy on you.

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