Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Set a Video as Desktop Wallpaper

In this guide I will explain how to Set a Video as Desktop Wallpaper is an 

amazing thing. Always wanted to set a video as wallpaper? Well, now you 

can using VLC Media Player. Follow the following instructions to set your 

favorite video as  your desktop wallpaper:

1.Open VLC Media Player.

2.Open the video which you would like to set as your wallpape

3.Click on Tools>Preferences (or just press Ctrl+P).

4.Click on Video.

5.Under ‘Output’, select DirectX (Direct Draw) video output.

   6.Save the preferences.
   7.After that, click on ‘Video’ and check ‘Set as Wallpaper’.

     You will now find that the video has been set as you wallpaper.
     Note that the wallpaper will be set as the video as long as VLC Media  

     Player is running. After closing VLC, a blank screen will appear as the  

     wallpaper. To get back your previous wallpaper, just refresh your   

     desktop once. 


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