Sunday, August 4, 2013

Run Apple iOS Apps on Windows

Later I  posted how to Run Android Apps on Windows, Today I'm going to 

explain how to Run Apple iOS Apps on Windows using software called 

IPadian .

IPadian will simulate all the functions and setting of the iPad on a Windows 

computer, thus allowing users enjoy the iPad experience without owning such 

a device.

IPadian includes:-

-Full Screen preview

-Custom App Store


-Free music & videos

-Webkit browser

-Support Facebook notification & messages

-Social Chat

Go here and download ipad2.zip

Now extract your zip file and Double click on the Ipadian setup.

IPadian comes with a few extra options than iPad, and also excludes some 

major ones. For example, it contains an additional Facebook messages and 

notifications section on the right hand side corner, whereas it does not 

provide access to some native application features. The Videos app is 

replaced by a Movies icon which leads to a third-party website providing 

movie streaming for members. This is, of course, due to patent issues, as the 

developer obviously does not have rights to replicate or provide Apple 

products. Nonetheless, many applications which come pre-installed with 

IPadian work just fine.

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  1. thank u dude, helped me alot :d


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