Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ultimate Guide to make Windows 7 Super Fast

In Windows 7 is the best OS after Windows XP for Personal Computers. But 

in this new Update of OS have many Eye Candy effect which can lead to Slow 

down your system Speed after some Time, So in this tutorial I am going to 

give you The Best Tips to makes Your Windows 7 Ultimately Fast.

In this tutorial we are going to attend the following 

Disabling of Unwanted Visual Effects.

1.Tuning off Useless Features.

2.Disabling of Sidebar.

3.Disabling of Aero Peek and Aero Snap. (Optional)

4.Disabling of Aero Theme.

5.Disabling of User account control (UAC) Feature.

6.Changing of Power Plan To Maximum Performance.

7.Disabling of Unwanted Start Up Items.

8.Disabling of Search Indexing Feature

Disabling of Unwanted Visual Effects.

1.Right click on "Computer" and select "Properties".

2.Click on "Advanced System Settings" to open the "System Properties" 

Diagoal box.

3.Select the "Advanced" tab from it. Then Under "Performance" click 

"Settings" and Choose "Custom:" Options.

4.Now uncheck all the options (Choose “Adjust for best performance“) and 

select only the last 4 options (actually 3 are preferable, you may un-check 

the second option out of the last four).As shown in screen shot below.

Tuning off Useless Features.

1.Open "Programs and Features" from Control Panel.

2.Click on "Turn Windows features on or off" from the left pane.

3.Now un-check all the Feature that you don’t use and then restart your 

system for the changes to take effect.

Disabling of Sidebar

1.Right click on the sidebar and choose "Properties".

2.On the properties dialoug uncheck the check box showing "Start sidebar 

when Windows Starts"

Disabling of Aero Peek and Aero Snap. (Optional)

1.Open "Control Panel" and double-click on "Ease of Access Center".

2.Click on "Make it easier to focus on tasks" presented at the bottom.

3.Now uncheck the checked box saying "Prevent windows from being 

automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen".

4.Right click on taskbar and select "Properties".

5.Now uncheck "Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop" option.

Disable the Aero Theme.

1.Right Click on Desktop and select "Personalize" click on Window Color Tab.

2.Uncheck the Box saying "Enable Transparency" and then click on "Open 

classic appearance properties for more color options".

Disable the User account control (UAC) Feature.

1.From the Control Panel open the "User Accounts and Family Safety" >User 


2.Click the User Account Control settings link.

3.Now just Drag the Slider towards "Never Notify".

Changing of Power Plan To Maximum Performance.

1.Click on "Power Options" in the Control panel.

2.Click the down arrow showing "Show Additional Plans".

3.Now activate the "High Performance" option

Disabling of Unwanted Start Up Items. 

1.Type "msconfig" in "RUN" box and hit Enter key to open System 

Configuration Utility.

2.Now open "StartUp" tab.

3.Now Uncheck the option which not needed.

Disabling of Search Indexing Feature.

1.Right Click the "Computer" and select "Manage".

2.Click "Services and Applications" in the “Computer Management” window.

3.Click on "Services".

4.Find "Windows Search" from the list.

5.Right Click on it and choose "Properties".

6.The "Windows Search Properties Window" will open. From "Startup type" 

choose "Disabled" option.

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