Monday, July 8, 2013

Add Facebook Page like button

Facebook is considered of the most widely social networks today, and 

considered one of the easiest ways to get visitors to your site,just create a 

Facebook page get good number of members on it and ensure you will get 

high traffic every day.so in this post i will explain linking your facebook page 

to your blog/site just follow these steps:-

1- Go To Facebook developers page

2-Do the following:- 

              -Paste your Like Page URL inside "URL to like".

              -Keep width size equal to 80px.

           -Uncheck send button and show faces.

           -Change layout Style to button-count.

Insert Facebook Like Button In Every Blogger Post

3-Hit the Get code button and copy the iframe code.

Next do this:-

1.Go to Blogger>>Design.

2.Select HTML/Java Script Widget.

3.Past the iframe code inside the widget.

4.save it and you are all done!


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