Monday, July 8, 2013

Helpful Firefox Blogger Extensions

helpful firefox tools for bloggers

1- FireBug

If you ask the web developer  about the firebug then they will simply say that 

without the firebug web developing becomes hard and it will also take more 

time to develop and using the firebug we can customize the web application 

(client side) to make it better and using the firebug we can easily analysis the 

CSS, java script and html easily.

2- FireFTP

If you are the wordpress blogger then you must have FTP account and the 

FireFTP is a Firefox client which helps to transfer the files from your machine 

to the web server and it also allows us to edit the files using the Firefox. 

FireFTP is really awesome Firefox add ons and you will never need the 

other application to upload your files to the serve.

3- Web Developer 

Web developer is  awesome Firefox extension which provides the lots of the 

tools to monitor the web design and it also includes some other awesome 


4- Html Validator

 Html Validator  adds the validation inside the Firefox browser and it helps to 

find the errors and in the html coding and it shows an error while looking in to 

the source code in the html. 


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