Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Difference Between Hosted Adsense account and Full Adsense account

In this article i will discuss different types of Adsense accounts as we know 

bloggers can make revenue using their sites or blogs, but sometimes it isn't 

 no easy to get Adsense account as  your blog or site may not match Adsense 

terms as it would be still under construction or have few articles as it must 

have at least 60 article. So bloggers have to get it through some oyther 

sharing sites like docstoc, Youtube and hubpages.
How to get Hosted Adsense account?

You can get Hosted Adsense account through applying to any sharing site that 

belongs to Google like Youtube, Docstoc and Hubpages. as you can get it 

through uploading documents like docstoc or uploading videos like Youtube.

What is the difference between Hosted Adsense account and Full Adsense 


Hosted Adsense account allows users put advertisements in sites that belong 

to Google like Yotube and blogs, on the other hand Full Adsense account 

allows you to put your ads in any Site wheather it belongs to Google or not.

How to get full Adsense account?

To get the full Google Adsense account for Hosted one you have to request an 

upgrade to Google and you have to add the website for the approval process 

and if your site got approved, you will be able to have a full Google Adsense 

account and will be able to put ads in your site.


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