Monday, July 8, 2013

Facebook Officially Supports Videos in Instagram

The social networking Facebook has announced that it will support video 

sharing on Anstagram  that new feature will allow Anstagram users to share 

videos up to 15sec through Anstagram application on Andriod and IOS.

Facebook Officially Supports Videos in Instagram

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg handed the stage over to Systrom shortly 

after the press event began. "Instagram is a tool to remember," Systrom 

reminded the audience. "Instagram is a way to stay connected."

The new update of Anstagram will have a button to share videos on Facebook 

next to camera button also it will provide a new 13 filtres video clips, these 

filters are designed specifically for video and differ from basic filters that can 

be applied to images, the new update will allow users to choose the video 

cover photo that will allow users to choose any image of the video as an 

image shows before the video runs.

"Kevin Sestrum"  the Executive Director of Anstagram  said that "The 

application lets raise the video clips in the background, and also allows you 

to share them via other social networks, as is the case for sharing photos.

".and he also that was keen on making the process of video sharing quick and 


He said also during the press conferencs that the company has worked with 

experts in the field to add a video feature called "Cinema" automatically 

installs the shaky video clips, and this feature is currently working on a 

mobile iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 only.He added that he has been so far post 16 

billion picture on Anstagram, and these images harvested a total of 

admiration billion a day, and the number of users of the application 130 

million monthly users.

And as we remember that twitter launched Vine (check that here) to share 

videos on youtube now Fcebook supports supports sharing videos on 



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