Monday, July 8, 2013

Fcebook Allows Uses To add Photos In comments

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that lets users post photos in 
comments. Previously, users can only add photos in comments by sharing 
photo link. This feature will be available only for user to user interaction. It 
will not be available for stories on pages.
After getting this feature, you will see a camera icon at the right side of 
comment box. Clicking on this icon will open a file browser to upload photo in 
comment. Facebook Engineer Bob Baldwin has posted a photo describing how 
this new feature works.
Users can only add photo comments by desktop or mobile browser site. This 
feature is not available for mobile apps but users can see photo comments in 
mobile apps. It is expected to come to mobile apps soon.
This feature was originally built in hackathon by Facebook engineers. It is 
now being rolled gradually. With this feature, Facebook wants to make 
discussion better and appealing.




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