Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google Launches The new version Of Google Maps For Android

Today, Google announced the new version of Google maps which have the 

number 7.0 for Android devices and tablets. Later, the company has 

introduced the new version with newer interfaces and newer services at 

the Conference Google I/O 2013, Today it's releasing the update for Android 

4.0.3 and higher phones, So don't worry if you didn't get the update it's a few 

weeks and all devices will receive it.
Google Releases The new version Of Google Map For Android
What are the advantages of this update?

First of all it will be having totally new interfaces which looks like the 

available one on the trial version on web, It has few icons and options making 

it easier to focus on the map, displaying interactive maps which vary 

according to each user's interests, facilitating the process of exploring new 

places. Except for the design, the new version of the maps, has become 

displaying the real-time information on the map and suggesting alternative 

routes dynamically, also the new version has made a lot of options to edit the 

map without connecting to Internet also it cancelled Latitude.

Maybe, the most notable advantages of the new update is the ability to 

search and find the nearby places without writting them as it shows alot of 

main options like drink, food, sleep and shopping places.

Also Google maps supports alerts as it alerts you if there were road accident 

on your road in order to avoid heavy traffic as well as moving options has 

improved to find the suitable mean of transport.Also the new update has new 

interface for tablets which makes it more similar to web view , Also it 

cancelled saving Maps without connecting to the internet as users have the 

ability to save the cash Via writting OK Maps, we don't know why this 

advantages has been cancelled but it seems as it's not available in the 

update also My Maps service has been cancelled which allows to create 

customized Maps, but the company said it will be available later.


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