Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get Back links From Your Content Thieves


Most of newbie bloggers tend to copying other blog posts and they don't know 

that would be harmful or may label their blog to danger and that's because 

most of them don't have sufficient writing skills. So, they just copy and past,
Get Back links From Your Content Thieves
Usually this method doesn't bring any traffics to your site as these posts 

which is stolen has already be indexed is search engines before, So never to 

be indexed again. For this, in this article I'm going to explain how to get 

back links form your blog thieves using a script called "tynt".

What is Tynt?

Tynt is a service used to get back links from your posts thieves.

How Tynt work?

When a post is copied Tynt inserts the page URL in to it, So when it pasted 

into emails or social sites, your traffic increases and SEO improves as more 

URLs become fixed links.

How To Use This Tool?

To use this service go to this site and click "Get The Code" button, Fill up that 

simple form and click submit. Then copy the code.

How To Install It In Blogger?
  1. Login to blogger>>Template.
  2. Click Edit HTML and search for this code </head>.
  3. Then Paste the copied code from Tynt.com before it.
  4. Save your template and Go to Tynt tab Click test Then click Continue.
You can also customize your attribution link from your publisher dashboard or 

can add Twitter or Facebook pages.

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