Thursday, July 11, 2013

How To Avoid Duplicate Conten

A lot of bloggers face problems when they are indexing their site map of thw 

blog as some of their post maybe duplicated so Search engines rejects these
pages. Today, I'm going to talk about a site that checks your pages for free to 

find out if they were duplicated, this tool is called plagspotter.

How plagspotter works?

Plagspotter helps article marketers detect any duplicated content in their 

content for marketing. with the help of it you can get official content and 

avoid the risk and get high rank.

Mix Up The Elements In Your Article

Article Marketing can seem to be a very hectic activity just before posting to 

the sites. as writer your typical article should contain the title, introductory 

part, body and conclusion. After Fixing all the elements in an article fix your 

mind to how you can sell the article, this is  done by creating different 

multiple version of each element and combine those elements differently each 

time you post your article.


Most readers before reading their ayes catch the Title, The title gives a brief 

overview on what the article is about.

Article Summary

it's useful to have numerous and very different versions of the summary. 

which will help you avoiding having duplicated content, Summary is carefully 

examined by search engines.

Article Body 

Article body is an article contains the content of your post, therefore it's the 

part that most readers will get interested in to get to know the whole story.

What is important is the structuring of your body. You can structure the text 

into blocks that can be also be rearranged.

Besides structuring of the body the writer should replace words and phrases 

with meaningful, but different equivalents. This way the article will maintains 

the same tone and meaning but has a large proportion of different words.



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