Monday, July 8, 2013

Google smart Glasses

Last year at Google I/O Sergey Brin "one of Google founders" announced 

Google smart glasses, that had done a lot of questions about it and how it 

works and if it's a phone or glasses or both of them so today i will give you a 

hint about it.

-What is it?

 it's a small computer can be worn on head to do simple tasks through a 

screen on your eyes. 

-What tasks you can do through it?

Through it you can do a lot of services:- 

                                    1-Google search.

                                    2-Navigation while driving a car or bike or on foot.

                                    3-Video conversation collectively via Google Hangout.

                                            4-Answering calls as you can connect it with your phone 

through bluetooth or WIFI.

                                              5-Sending SMS and mails.

                                               6-Viewing search results through voice commands.  

-What requirements it needs to work?

Google smart glasses isn't a phone but you can connect it with your phone through 

Bluetooth or WIFI.

-Does it works with any other phones OS except android?

Yes you can use it through your phone running on IOS (IPHONES) with limited services.

-What is consists of?

The glasses consists of an ordinary glasses without lenses, Plastic rod on right has a galss 

cube positioned on front of the eye, has headphones, light indicator, USB port for charging, 

Camera and button for capturing images, battery behind the right eye and tough panel on 

the right rod.

-How many color it has?

It has five colors  white, black, orange, blue and gray. also it has a high definition screen 

inside the glass cube on front of the eye that is .5inches in size.

-How can i control with it?

You can control with it through 2 ways touching or voice commands but you should start 

your commands with "ok glasses" but you can't control it through your eye or head.

-What about the galss?

The glasses isn't water resistant but it made of Titanium and plastic can hold falling from 

180cm over the earth.

-What about the specifications?  

The  Glasses has a strong battery can last for a day without using Video conversation 

collectively via Google Hangout, also it has an 16GB internal memory weighing about 

36grams with a micro SD card.

-What about the camera and social sharing?

Google smart Glasses camera is 5megapixel with autofocus advantage, it 

can capture a 720P video quality with length of 10sec as defult.

You can share your videos images and audio through Google+ or tgrough your 

computer after moving them to it, also you watch your videos on it but it 

willn't be an amazing thing watch videos on a .5 inch screen, you can take 

ascreen shot for the screen through a software called "Screencast" supporting 

the technique of reading QR codes.

-Does it has side effects on me?

Google smart Glasses may cause headache at the first use so Google 

recommends using it for few hours at first, also it's transparent so that it 

doesn't affect on vision and one of it's greatest advantages that it's not 

A phone so that it doesn't emit radiation that can harm people.

You can use it while driving but that may endanger you as it causes Attention 

Deficit. But it's only available for Google developers.


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