Sunday, July 14, 2013

How To delete Folder "Windows.OLD" ©

Have you ever installed new Windows but you had to install it manually from 

the computer, and after installing it you found this folder "WINDOWS.OLD". 

OK this folder is considered annoying thing as it takes alot of space of your 

hard disk. Now I will explain how to delete it easily and safely without 

formatting the partition, just follow these steps:-

Step 1:-Click on start menu.

Step 2:-Write "Disk Cleaner" in search box.

Step 3:-Then select the drive (partition) you want to clean and in our case it

be  (c:), and click OK.

Step 4:-Now this following pop up will appear 

Step 5:-After doing the previous dialog, another pop up will ask you to "Delete 

 Files" just proceed it.

Now check the folder "WINDOWS.OLD" and it will be deleted.


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