Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To Hide seen option in Facebook messages

Facebook tricks, Facebook is the best platform for sharing our ideas 

and thoughts Facebook, the user can share their ideas, which is a popular 

social networking platform million. Now days, every facebook user profiles, 

cool status updates or changes on the giant social networking site wants to 

be attractive. Updating a status on facebook to get the attention of other 

people affected and the maximum number of slaves is a daily. We are still 

some of the latest facebook status and tricks will help you to get the 

attention from other facebook users to share there thought's.

How To Hide seen option in Facebook messages

Facebook recently update new facility SEEN option in chat box.When you  are 

chating  with someone on Facebook, and the person read your message, it 

displays ‘seen’ along with the time when message was read.actually this is a 

best feature but some times it is problem to it allows your friend to know 

that your ignoring message from them when your not giving reply back - See 

In past you can just skip the conversation by not giving reply back or 

pretended as you dint saw the message but know this trick fails as soon as 

you saw the message it mark as read and it shows as 'SEEN BY' or 'SEEN ON'.

For Google chrome install this tool FB UNSEEN

For firefox install first grease monkey then install facebook steal


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