Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Listen Music on Facebook

Facebook tricks, Facebook is the best platform for sharing our ideas 

and thoughts Facebook, the user can share their ideas, which is a popular 

social networking platform million. Now days, every facebook user profiles, 

cool status updates or changes on the giant social networking site wants to 

be attractive. Updating a status on facebook to get the attention of other 

people affected and the maximum number of slaves is a daily. We are still 

some of the latest facebook status and tricks will help you to get the 

attention from other facebook users to share there thought's.

In this article I'm going to explain how to Listen music on Facebook.

Listening to music and singing along together with your friends can be a 

wonderful and memorable experience but you can only do that when you are 

physically together. But here’s some good news. The whole experience is 

about to change because even from home, you can now listen to music, new 

and old, with your friends, on Facebook.

When you have logged in, head over to the Facebook Music page 

(http://www.facebook.com/music) and you will see a list of trending albums 

with music tracks powered by Myspace and Saavn

There’s also Spotify and Rdio but currently the use of these two are only 

supported in a few countries
facebook mucis
You can also open the music page from your Facebook wall by accesing it 

from the left menu under the “Apps” category.

When you are in the Music page, pick any music you’d like to play and a pop-

up window will ask you to add the service to Facebook. Simply click on the 

“Add to Facebook” button.

Note that the pop-up window above is to add the Myspace application only. 

You will be asked again to add new apps should you want to play music from 

Spotify, Rdio or Saavn.

Once added, the music application will open a new tab on your browser (or 

new window, if not supported) and you will be redirected to the Myspace or 

the Saavn player page. No action is required, simply wait for the page to load 

and the selected song will be played automatically when it is ready.


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