Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Increase The Density Of The Keywords


In the this article I'm going to explain How To Increase The Density Of The 

Keywords, no doubt that keywords is the most important factor in a blog 

post if you want it get a good rank in search engines, so I'll explain one of 

the most important factor to get it ranked it's The Density Of The 



Google is smart but you need to give them something to go on because they 
don't read you're content, they only know it's relevant by checking how many 
times your keyword appears in the content.
Most good writers do this perfectly well without knowing; I'm not going to 
mention the keyword Density percentage because it will cause the keyword 
cautious effect and that not going to make writing enjoyable if you're always 
worried about how many keywords you have.
Just naturally write and keep it in the back of your mind to refer to your 
keyword in the first paragraph and in your content a few times.just follow 
these steps to increase the density of your keywords.
Step 1 - Go back into the website and edit your web page, most importantly 
the text. Google views text as actual content, because it contains keywords. 
High keyword density is optimal, but excessive keyword density will be 
dismissed as spam. First, replace all pronouns such as "it" with the keyword 
to get more internet traffic. It is important use keywords that people will be 
searching for, since internet searches will be your highest source of internet 
Step 2 - Insert the target keywords into every space you can to get more 
internet traffic. Do not be afraid to be redundant with keywords, because this 
is how you generate more internet traffic. In this article for example, I am 
repeating the words, keyword and internet traffic excessively. The more 
redundant you are with keywords, the more internet traffic you will get. Use 
this last paragraph as an example on how to create high density keyword 
Step 3 - Use this free website to analyze keyword density on your 
website. www.textanalyzer.com. Text Analyzer will calculate the keyword 
density of any webpage or text you insert. Your target keyword density is 3% 
- 5% for any keyword to generate the most internet traffic. If the keyword 
density is lower than 3%, search engines may not give you internet traffic, 
no matter how well written your article is. If the keyword density is higher 
than 5%, search engines may write off your website as spam, and you may 
not get any internet traffic.
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