Sunday, July 14, 2013

How To Remove Your Computer Recovery Partition©

Have you ever bought a new computer running on windows 8 and found that 

there isn't a lot of storage space available although you got a large hard disk 

space, well this maybe because of two reasons the firs:- maybe your 

computer have a windows recovery image (ISO file) that occupy alot of space 

OR the second reason:- your system supplier included their own recovery 

partition. Now it's possible to take full control of your hard drive by claiming 

back the non-windows partitions.

Note:-First of all you must backup your private data.

After backing up your data, If your computer supplier has included their 

recovery partition you can wipe out the partition using a tool called EaseUs 

Partition Master this tool is free of charge, it's possible to delete unwanted 

partitions and resize the others to occupy the remained space of your hard 


P.S:-It's possible to delete the unwanted partitions using a built in tool 

called "Windows's Disk Management Tool", but it will be impossible to resize 

the remaining partitions.

Before you do start deleting any partitions, it’s important to take the time to 

ensure that you do have other options available to you. Use the method built 

into Windows to create a recovery USB drive, or follow your computer 

supplier’s instruction for turning the recovery partition they have created into 

a recovery DVD or USB drive.

Download and install a copy of the program and then fire it up. Click the 

Partition Manager button and once your drives have been analyzed, they will 

be listed. Right click on the partition you’d like to remove, select the Delete 

Partition option and click OK to confirm.

How To Remove Your Computer Recovery Partition

No changes are made to your hard drive at this stage, and you can queue up 

couple of operations to be performed one after the other. Now right click 
your C: drive and select the ‘Resize/Move partition’ option.
Drag the left hand node of the partition bar all the way to the left so that it 
occupies all available space and then click OK.
How To Remove Your Computer Recovery Partition

Click the Apply button in the main program toolbar and you can sit back and 

wait while the tool works its magic. Just how long you have to wait will 

depend largely on the amount of data you have stored on your hard drive, but 

when it is done you will have regained full control of your drive and will be in 

a position to put your own recovery plan in place, whether that involves 

using a backup tool or a disk imaging utility.


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