Sunday, July 14, 2013

Recover Windows Password With Free Password Recovery Tools©

What to do if you forgot your computer password and there is an important 

data on it and you can't install new OS To regain access, you can use some 

password recovery software to recover your Windows password. 

Recover Windows Password With Free Password Recovery Tools

Ophcrack offers one of the best free password recovery solutions in the 

market. you ca install it through two ways a stand alone installer or a 

alive CD,the stand alone installer requires  you to download some additional 

 tools, on the other hand live CD already has them and easier than the  

stand alone installer method.

to use Live CD method  you must choose the right version that suits your OS, 

your antivirus may classify it as a virus, don't worry it's false alert, Just 

download it as ISO file burn it on a CD or a DVD then boot your computer and 

it will be automatically detected and it will detect the user password.

PC Login Now

This small awesome tool is one of the fastest and easiest ways of 

recovering your password this tool doesn't recover your password it resets 

it, just download an .exe file from the official site then download the tool and 

burn it to a CD or a DVD and boot your computer then follow the instruction 

on screen and at the end you will get your password reseted.

Then, choose the Password is empty checkbox to remove your password. 

Then, PC Login Now will ask you to reset another user's password. Choose No 

and then OK to restart your PC. Use a blank password while logging in and 

you are good to go. PC Login Now works on Windows 7, Windows XP and 

Windows Vista.

Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is another free password recovery software. Cain & Abel 

doesn't need to be installed on another admin account on the computer you 

want to recover it's password, It just requires downloadin some tools.

 Since, you can use inbuilt Windows functions to reset a password if you have 

access to a working admin account on the computer, I see no use for this 

software unless you are desperate about recovering your password. Cain & 

Abel works only on Windows XP.

What if you forgot your password but the computer is open or running?

To reset or recovery it just follow these simple steps:-

1. Open Command Prompt

2. Type "Net User" and hit enter (note just type Net user)

3.Find the name of the person who's passowrd you wish to change.

4. Type "Net User"space"The Name of the User"space"and this sign * ya know 


5.type the new password!! (note it dosent show what your typing so type it 



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